• Home changes character throughout the day and each room has its own role to play in your daily life.


  • You can change the whole atmosphere of your home just by careful use of lighting.


  • In addition to the mood-enhancing benefits, lighting also has functional role of illuminating task areas.


This is the most basic type of general lighting. It includes the natural lights from your windows & the lighting that substitutes for that natural light like recessed lighting, ceiling fixtures, track lighting etc.

They are softer than harsh halogen lighting.

Ambient lights are used to create a calming effect.

Used in living and dining rooms as well as the bedroom where soft focus lights for relaxation is required.

Accent lighting is used to create dramatic effect by highlighting key features such as an alcove, a display or fireplace.

Accent light is ideal for use in a living room when friends and families visit and one needs an overall level of light.

It can be used in restaurants to highlight the food counter or guests table.

Accent Lighting is the mood boosters of the room. If you want to put accent lighting to your space think about how you want each room to feel, and if there are certain things to highlight or disguise.

Task Lighting gives off a bright, focused light fixed on one position such as in a study room or in bedside.

In the study or home office, task lighting usually takes the form of a halogen desk lamp for reading or working.

Task lighting is the light that helps you perform tasks like reading, cooking, applying make-up, pay the bills etc.

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