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ZIRA was founded in February 2016, by Nidhi Sharma & Pranjal Parashar. We started off by selling Lamp Post and decorative lights to the government of MP(India) and later outfit our own house with the Lights we casted in our small factory, a love was realized and a small business was born.

We expended and continue to expand and refine our line, drawing on our passion for classic, contemporary and minimalist design. ZIRA’s obsession with quality and customer service have paid off. Our small Company is now shipping all over the world, supplying fixtures for home, restaurants, hotels and more.

The name ZIRA was derived from a small Village in Punjab (India) where our father was raised too. A passionate Man himself he started his own business at a very young age.


Our Mission is to deliver artisan crafted, highly engineered, sophisticated yet simple lighting design solutions along with a love for artisan craftsmanship.

We create our products in-house that are made with love by skilled artisans.

We start our process with outstanding raw materials like metal, hardwoods, and hand-blown glass. Our parts are individually finished by hand to create a signature quality product and all our material is sourced largely in India.

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